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Boston beer & cheese Fest

Do we really need to say more? OK, a few words won't hurt. The idea for this fest really came out of how we like to drink. When we hang out with friends there's almost always some kind of cheese/charcuterie board to snack on. The fact is beer and cheese are just an amazing pairing. Add that New England has some of the best cheese makers in the country and this was a natural fit. We bring in 12 of the best creameries in New England to bring in roughly 1200 lbs of cheese for this event. Yeah that's right, that wasn't a typo...1200 lbs of cheese. That's how we allow this to be an unlimited beer and cheese event, because a limited cheese tasting is for suckers. 

Boston Beer & BBQ Fest

Why Beer & BBQ? Because it's delicious that's why; oh and our co-founder Devon happens to be a a huge fan of smoking meats himself. His love of BBQ made this event happen and it turns out that all of you like BBQ just as much as he does. Each year we bring in 7 BBQ vendors and 25 local breweries. Unlimited beer and a substansial BBQ sample from each BBQ joint are included in your ticket. Let's just say no one has ever left this event hungry.