Drink Craft Beer hosts two of Boston's most popular beer and food pairing events each year- Boston Beer & Cheese Fest, and Boston Beer & BBQ Fest. 

At Drink Craft Beer, we're not here to tell you what to like. We're not going to laugh at you if you enjoy beer that we don't. We think you should drink what tastes good to you, as beer is meant to be enjoyed! Drink Craft Beer is for people who like beer and food and especially those two things together. We believe beer should be fun, it shouldn't be snobby and you should feel free to like what you like. 

What we will do is tell you about all the interesting craft beers that we highly recommend. We'll let you know about cool events coming up. And we love delicious food, so we'll tell you about how food and beer can go together. We're here to educate you and help you find more beer that you'll enjoy.

Since 2005 we've traveled all over the country drinking beer with craft beer drinkers and brewers and we look to bring all our craft beer experiences and knowledge to people to help them better enjoy craft beer.


Meet the DCB Staff

Jeff Wharton, C0- Founder

Devon Regan, Co- Founder

Sarah Wharton, Volunteer Coordinator

Haleigh Regan, Merchandise Coordinator



Co-Founders Devon Regan and Jeff Wharton were fresh out of college and in a band together in 2006. At practice, they'd bring a few "craft beers" to share and enjoy after jamming. They soon realized that they enjoyed the beer part of practice more than the playing and wondered if they could make something out of it. While talking one day Jeff said to Devon "What if we started a MySpace about beer?" Devon replied "I dunno I think that's gonna go away, what if we build a website?". A few weeks later Drink Craft Beer was born. As they established relationships with folks in the industry, they wondered if they could get their Twitter followers to attend a beer-tasting event. Their first event had 300 people show up and was a great success. They've worked hard to continue to grow their events, and now host the successful Boston Beer & Cheese and Boston Beer & BBQ Fests each year.

Drink Craft Beer Volunteer Staff

Volunteers (4).png

We couldn't do what we do without our incredible Volunteer Staff! Are you interested in becoming a DCB Volunteer? Email Sarah at for more information!



“There’s no such thing as a bad beer festival, but Jeff Wharton and Devon Regan host some that are truly exceptional.” – Take Magazine

“The Drink Craft Beer crew has more going for them than just a highly instructional name. They also throw a hell of a party.” – Thrillist Magazine

“The scrappy cousin to the city’s more “sophisticated” booze festivals, this roving celebration of local craft brewing has an earnest, startup-y appeal.” – Boston Magazine, Voted Best Booze Festival in 2014 "Best Of Boston"